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Who am I?

I am a yoga teacher first and foremost and my journey into yoga began when my mother persuaded me approx 20 years ago to try a local class as I was a slightly overweight and very stressed young mum! I rejected the suggestion stating that “yoga is just for grannies” but as I look back now, that first class was a turning point in my life! I qualified as a Yoga Teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2006 and have been teaching over 12 years.
I have been  a guest twice on the Chris Evans Radio Show talking about the benefits of yoga and putting Chris and his team through their paces, so not many things can phase me now!
I believe yoga can be practiced by anyone, anytime, any place and anywhere!!
[email protected] is to help you do just that!

I teach classes, workshops, online tutorials and private 1:1 sessions in Bury St Edmunds and London for full details  please visit my website


what is the point of yoga?

Yoga has been around for thousands of years & its benefits are well documented:
  • Improved strength & muscle tone
  • Regaining of flexibility
  • Increased energy levels & less susceptibility to dis-ease
  • A calmer more focused mind with the ability to control your stress levels
A system of health & exercise that benefits young & old that can be started at any age. It is not just an exercise programme - but a journey of self-discovery!
On a physical level it can give you glowing health, on a mental level it helps relax your mind, may reduce stress levels and can make you feel more positive. Each time you practice the postures (asanas) you will notice a subtle difference in your strength and flexibility, you will begin to learn how to use your breathing to help open up areas of tension in your body and also to calm your busy mind.
Yoga is a pathway to discovering more about yourself and you join it when and wherever is right for you and you progress at your own individual pace. It is completely non-competitive and you will come to realise that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and the essence of true yoga practice is to listen to what your body tells you.
Stress is the enemy of our modern world and stress or tension literally strangles our bodies, making them more susceptible to disease. Yoga's combination of postures and breath awareness enables us to smooth away our tensions, increase our strength and flexibility, strengthen our bones and joints, increase our oxygen uptake and thus brings us back to the state of "ease" and gives us more energy and vitality, something we all long for.
Yoga is suitable for absolutely everyone